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Myrtle Beach SkyWheel


The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel rises nearly 200 feet from the ground and the view from "up top" is unbelieveable!

Located just a few steps off the boardwalk, a ride on the SkyWheel is now a "must-do" for many visitors.

At night, the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel is an awesome sight as it is lit up with over 1 million bulbs and can be seen for miles.

The SkyWheel has 42 Swiss made, climate controlled gondola's that give riders and unobstructed view of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean shoreline.

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You can purchase SkyWheel tickets online, after purchase, you can print your tickets at home or have them mailed to you. Avoid the lines and buy online!

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A Ride on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

Below are two emails received from a pair Myrtle Beach SkyWheel riders detailing their experience on a trip to Myrtle Beach:

What a perfect day, November 4, 2010! On a warm and sunny fall afternoon, 2 Myrtle Beach locals and 4 out of town visitors, decided to take ride on the new Myrtle Beach SkyWheel ferris wheel. After purchasing tickets, our group waited in line approximately 5 to 6 minutes as the group ahead of us completed their Skywheel ride.

When the previous group finished up their ride, gondola #13 stopped at our waiting platform and the six of us boarded. SkyWheel attendants, were very courteous and offered to take a picture of all 6 of us in the gondola. So, after taking about a half dozen pictures with three different camera's, he shut the gondola door and sent us on our way. The six of us enjoyed a nice leisurely ride in our climate controlled gondola and caught just beautiful views of the Myrtle Beach shoreline and the sun shimmering off the calm Atlantic Ocean.

After we completed our ride, Doris, who is the Skywheel Assistant Manager, volunteered to take another dozen or so photos of the group. Doris even suggested we get a few photos on the steps up to the Skywheel platform so she could get the Skywheel itself in the photo's.

IMAGINE -- viewing a pristine beach that stretches north and south, as far as the eye can see, sparkling in the warmth of the afternoon autumn sun. Noticing how the expanse of sand frames this portion of the western border of the Atlantic Ocean, with its gray-blue waters extending east to the distant horizon. Watching seabirds swooping down and scurrying along the water’s edge, where unending gentle waves taste the salty shoreline, providing morsels of sea life for a post-lunchtime snack. Pivoting right, then left, smiling all-the-while, camera in hand, realizing that in that moment, all of the structures of the bustling city of Myrtle Beach are spread out below and beyond, allowing you to see over the tops of high-rise hotels, and even the tallest church’s spire. Remarking, as people experiencing a view from lofty vantage points are wont to do, about how tiny the cars far below appear, and how the people strolling on the boardwalk that snakes along the shore look like ants. Sharing the wonder of the experience with family and friends, enjoying their varied responses to this unique adventure, gliding gently through the air in a transparent, climate-controlled "cocoon." Abandoning any fears or trepidation at the prospect of being part of a captive audience, sequentially swept to soaring heights - eight to ten stories above the earth, then completing the arc, descending earthward, only to begin the journey again and again. Being warmly welcomed by smiling “flight attendants” who encouraged their passengers to enjoy this safe and wonderful experience, and who were more than willing to oblige passengers’ requests to snap group photos before and after their adventure.

Thankfully, my husband Ray and I no longer have to imagine what it would be like to actually climb onboard and ride the SkyWheel, which is the biggest ferris wheel we’ve ever seen in our lives! The experience was one of the many delights of our first-ever visit to Myrtle Beach. Having traveled from our mountain home in the Potomac Highlands of eastern West Virginia, the trip was a welcome late-season respite, before the long months of winter set in. We coordinated our getaway with longtime dear friends Bill and Nancy, to share a few days enjoying the area’s many offerings for visitors, as well as for those who call Myrtle Beach home. We met two of Bill and Nancy’s friends that day, locals Linda and Joe, who joined us to share our experience on the SkyWheel, followed by a leisurely sojourn on the glassed-in veranda of the Land Shark Bar and Grill beside the SkyWheel. There, sipping a refreshing Hurricane and savoring yummy appetizers, I so much enjoyed the camaraderie, and having the opportunity to bask in the beauty of the beach and the bustling boardwalk from a “feet firmly planted on the ground” perspective.

Thanks to Doris and her staff at the Myrtle Beach Skywheel for such an enjoyable experience! We gladly tip our hats off to you and your crew for the excellent and friendly customer service.

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